What is a Vendor


Twitch Strike has over 10,000 members. All of them wanting to grow their channel. So we set up the Vendor program to allow people outside of the Twitch community to help promote their products while at the same time helping the community grow.

At the moment we have two areas in the vendor program and more will be coming soon. If you have any questions or want to request something outside of the vendor program please contact us.

The two areas we have open at the moment are:

Youtube channels

If you own a YouTube compilation channel that features twitch clips we can grant you access to our database of clips that have been submitted by our users. Your channel will feature on the main page along with the option for users to send you direct videos. Every video submitted will be from a user that has confirmed they are the owner of the clip (Checked via Twitch API) and also that they agree that you can run adverts and make money from the clip. It's a great way for you to find, manage and download clips easy but also a fantastic way for channels to get featured and help grown their channel.

Game Developers.

As a game developer getting your game played by a twitch channel can be a great way to get lots of eyes on your product and can also help drum up sales. With our vendor program, we work with you to find users that fit your requirement and offer them a free copy of your game in exchange for them streaming it. We offer incentives to our users to not say yes to a free game and then not stream it. So the users who say yes tend to be the others interested in playing that game.


More areas of the vendor program will be coming online over the next few months but if you have any questions please contact us.

Become A Vendor