Rode NT1-A


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Virtute (4 months ago)

"World's quietest studio microphone"

This mic is marketed as the quietest studio microphone in terms of noise and I'd say that's pretty accurate, for a lower end studio mic you'll be hard pressed to find something that comes close in terms of quality.


  • Comes with a cradle, pop filter, microphone bag and XLR cable in the box
  • Has incredibly low noise
  • Is great build quality
  • Great multi-purpose studio quality condenser mic at a budget
  • Very sensitive


  • Difficult to EQ
  • Very sensitive
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Tombom52 (3 months ago)

Best consumer mic hands down

As a music producer, I've spent a lot of time with different microphones and equipment and this is hands down the best microphone you can get for the price. The only thing that can top this for the price is anything by Neumann. For the money it hands down beats everything in its bracket and will be your go to for everything.


  • Beautiful sound quality
  • Great build quality
  • Best bang/buck


  • Might be a little pricey for some
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