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CoachyLIVE (5 months ago)

4 Year Review

After having used this microphone for the last 4 years I can safely say I recommend it for its quality and ease of use, however its price comparatively isn't so great, I would say if you want a solid/simple microphone that has a simplistic design and very little tweaking in OBS, xsplit or BLOPS then this is the microphone to use!

Few things to keep in mind:
• It comes with a metal pop shield but you need to order the specific rode foam one if you want that instead.
• It has a desk mount but the arm clamp again is a rode specific product around $100.

Suggestions for setup:
• Go into your recording settings on windows and drop the sensitivity to about 70%
• If tweaked correctly you won't need a noise gate as good use of filters can take out most background noise without the sound of you cutting in and out (personal preference of mine)

Hope this helps!


  • Easy to setup.
  • Plug n Play.


  • Cost isn't great.
  • Additional products have to be rode branded. (though incredibly high quality)