Elgato HD60 Pro


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JurassicJunkieLive (5 months ago)

Worked on one PC and not another

I was using this card for 6 months and it worked fine. I then upgrade my PC and the card wouldn't work with my motherboard (Asus Prime B350-PLUS AMD DDR4 S-ATA 600 ATX Motherboard)

I contacted the support who was very good, they ran some software on my pc. Said it was a none faulty and told me to send the card to Germany and they would patch the hardware. After getting the new card it was the same issue so I had to return the unit and buy a HD60 S instead.

Its a shame as the card worked really well on my old PC.


  • Easy to setup


  • Doesn't work on all motherboards
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Virtute (4 months ago)

Fine product

I like the HD60 Pro, the passthrough is good.

I find sometimes on OBS I need to remove and re-add the source for it to work properly.

But it's mostly fine otherwise.


  • Easy to setup
  • Compatible without having to use Elgato software


  • Is a hassle to switch between PC's