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Tsukimara (5 months ago)

Do not buy unless 50% off or free

Whatever article you read about how great the Blue Yeti is should be taken not with a grain of salt, but with tons of it.

It's a plug and play USB microphone with a sound pressure lvl of a 120DB, however it feels like it is much lower than that as the mic actually peaks super fast and distorts the sound enormously..

The components inside the blue yeti are made of cheap plastics and instead of trying to do one thing great it tries to do 4 things horribly.
The exterior is very sturdy and the table stand as well but does a poor job and catching vibrations.

In order for the mic to sound better than when plug and playing you need to do some tweaking through OBS and use filters such as Compressor, Noise suppression(because the mic has a bad humming) and a EQ plugin.

It does in no way a better job than it's little round brother which is the Blue Snowball.
The first chance I had I upgraded to an XLR mic with a preamp mixer... Best choice I've ever made.


  • Plug and Play
  • Sturdy exterior
  • Audio monitoring zero delay


  • Too large
  • Cheap tinny sound quality
  • Sound tweaks makes the sound muddy
  • Accessories almost cost as much as the mic itself
  • Overpriced
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ScytheLxrd (5 months ago)

Isn't bad, but isn't the #1 choice unless you are looking for your first mic and this is on sale

I've had this for around two years and I can say that you must do some research on the mic in order to get the most out of it. Simply plugging it in and using it will result in a lot of background noise being heard when recording/streaming with the mic. Once you set suppressors, noise gates, and other things in place the mic begins to become much more tame. The mic is definitely a step up from a normal headset, but there are plenty of mics in the market that do a better job in my opinion. The biggest issue with the mic is background noise that it detects. If there are any loud noises around you, I suggest just getting another mic to avoid the frustration you will face.


  • Easy setup, simply plug-in and set as your primary audio input
  • sturdy exterior, this mic can take a beating and still be in top shape
  • comes with stand and can be unscrewed to put in something like an arm
  • different colors for a bit of customization


  • Audio is mic's main purpose, yet fails to do a solid job when in noisy environment
  • kinda heavy
  • uses the older USB ports, NOT the micro USB port
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