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TheTaren (5 months ago)

OBS With a few bonus features

Personally I loved OBS Studio and I never imagined swapping, especially with it being free to use and having plenty of flexibility. Once I heard of Streamlabs OBS, or SLOBS, I tried it out and I'm loving it overall. Personally I'm not sure about less CPU usage with it but its definitely at least the same, especially if you use the feature to see chat in SLOBS itself, this allows you to not have your browser open. Other features like having Streamlabs built in allow even less of a need for your browser and keeps things all in one place. The last major feature is the fact that SLOBS allows you to use hundreds of different overlays to customize your stream (I personally found one I really like), if you would like to you can also install the overlay and then customize the image itself allowing you to add your own ideas to the overlay. Keep in mind there are a few bugs (none that have affected my stream much, main one is a weird visual glitch that I can't explain), and a few features that are probably needed, but are likely being worked on and added. TLDR OBS Studio but with built in overlays, Streamlabs built in, and has potentially less CPU usage due to lack of need to use browser, but has a few bugs here and there.


  • Flexibility
  • Many Features
  • A Ton of Customization


  • A Few Bugs
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TheCasualRedhead (5 months ago)

Honest Review

So I started streaming with OBS about two years ago. Man was that program a pain to get working right, even on a good day. Settings were super obscure, descriptions of them were...lackluster. That is not to say it isn't a great program, because it is, just for me it was not. This year when I came back to streaming, I had already been using Streamlabs as my only manager. Then I saw that they had their version of OBS. WOW. I've been using it since its early inception and it's gone so far. It works right out of the box. For those who stream and record it has recommended settings that it automatically sets for you. Which is great for new people, just a couple of button clicks and you're off to the races!! But it also has the advance mode of having a ton of useful and detailed settings. It records, it broadcasts, it has streamlabs built right into it, it has a theme tab for quick and easy overlays, and it has all the dashboards you've come to know and love within the program, and finally it has the twitch chat baked right in. I'd recommend this program to anyone looking for ease of use and ease of setup. If you're looking to get it, here's the link:


  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of use
  • All in one program
  • No brain overlay editor
  • Manage all your settings in one program
  • Twitch chat pane baked in
  • OBS but way more personal
  • Organizational folders for your sources


  • Crashes once every couple of months (likely user error)
  • Can not have more than one active webcam per scene
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zPDubs (5 months ago)

StreamLabs Review

OBS is good and I used it for a while. I moved on to StreamLabs because it was easy to use and highly customizable. There is a bit of a learning curve, but you are rewarded with a lot of flexibility once you explore a bit.


  • Lots of themed layouts
  • Tons of tools to customize your stream
  • Extends OBS


  • Does not work with ChromaCam yet
  • Occasionally buggy
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