Elgato Stream Deck


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JurassicJunkieLive (5 months ago)

I couldn't justifying, but I love it

Do you need this product? No.
But does this product work well? Yes.

I couldn't justify spending £140 on a product that just fires of macros when I could easily bind them to the keyboard. Luckily last Christmas Santa bought me one and I have to say I'm impressed.

It's made my streams so much more streamlined. No longer am I bringing up OBS to try and change screens or bring up polls on my screen. Everything is controlled by a sexy looking device on my table.

It's to the point I now even use it at work for emails and firing off applications.

So if you have money, but you don't have a great Mic or Webcam I would suggest putting your money on improving the quality of your stream, but if you have everything already, then this is a very fun toy that can really help you out.


  • High Customisation
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