Would love to catch some games with fellow streamers!

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Hello all!

Id love to catch some games with fellow streamers! I play Last of Us, PUBG, RDR2, SMITE and others. Welcome to reach out to me or just jump on my discord!

Cheers to wisdom!

Started streaming 3 weaks ago playing Runescape and league, follow me and i follow back! www.twitch.tv/only4sekkonds
(Send me a message tho)
Hey guys im trying to grow so if you wanna support me and chill with me i will aprecciated it so much, I play Fortnite, Warframe, trove, and a couple other games come thru and have fun!!
I have been streaming for about 2 months I started because of losing my mate to cancer and being evicted out our home by my grandparents twitch streaming was away for me to loos my self and have fun being tech geek playing games and chatting but i how now hit a roadblock or at least it sure feels like one I have only 14 followers to say that I'm losing hope is an understate mint https://www.twitch.tv/cuddlebunny1996

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