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I am writing this in the date 1/7/19 I am wondering if this game is still worth it streaming right now? unfortunately while the game was in early release I didn't have good enough streaming equipment, but now I need some fellow streamers help.Out of everyone's experience streaming Fortnite as of this date do you guys think its too late based off of the amount of (channels streaming, views, etc...) also one more question i'm pretty nervous to start streaming unpopular games like Minecraft, Black Ops II, and other types of these titles can you fellow streamers also leave down below how viewers started reacting when you streamed these similar unsaturated titles.I will be reading every response thank you! For leaving any response you guys can down below

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For big title games like that it is hard for new streamers to get noticed. But if you provide good content, music, and commentary the views will come to you soon. It will take a little longer compared to a smaller game. The game is definitely worth still streaming since the possibles are there. You just have to dive right into it and set a schedule.

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I stream Fortnite (though I do also stream Chess, Pirate101, SIMCITY (2013), and Slither io), I would gladly follow both of you if you would likewise follow me. As crazyshot01 said it will be a little harder getting viewers streaming a popular game like Fortnite (I can attest to that, my Fortnite streams have had the least amount of viewership), but it is definitely not impossible to get viewers playing Fortnite.

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