[feature request] could this work for other categories?

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I just found this site and wow what great work. I think it's really cool and the website works very well. The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that it only seems to work for gaming. If I plug in creative no stats get pulled up.
It would be really cool if this would work for all category types or by tag (but with tons of those that would be a daunting task). It's awesome that games can be suggested but what if I also did coloring streams and a creative stream might get even better results than a game on that day?
Thanks for any consideration in advance.

*edit* Chalk this up to user error. It does work for most categories that I have found, you just have to use the subcategory. So in creative you'd have to use the art category. Sorry for the trouble, feel free to remove the post.

[ Edited 2 months ago ]
hey :)

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