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So we have a discord full of small streamers that help each other out :) if you interested come check us out and join up grow and have fun together well making Twitch Great Again come on you know ya wanna
I'd love to join the discord, I think the link has expired though!
Yeah, pretty sure isn't enough information lol
I'd like to join too! But the link is expired...
Its not expired, he didn't copy the full link for you to join the server
hey guys im a new streamer , i love talking and getting to know people , and im good at games so leave a follow
(if you want)
Whats up everyone! Im not one to promote but id like to say im 44/50 followers from affiliate! It'd much appreciated if you checked out the channel and perhaps gave it a follow! Im down to check out any channels that supports me. Thank you so much!
hey, brand new streamer who would love to have some interaction with people and enjoy some games! find me at
Hello guys Im just starting out the Wisdom Club community but would love to also join, support and hang out at other streamers communities!!
Wisdom Club:
Twitch Link:
Hey guys BeCooper here! I'm a new upcoming streamer on Twitch, I realize it's hard to start out streaming/building a community with that being said I'd appreciate dropping a follow and checking out the stream sometime. Nothing but laughs and positive vibes! Catch me at
Does paying for Twitch Strike even work i see someone pop in my channel for half a milisecond doesnt even say or do anything then leaves
Tuesday: 11:00/2:00
hello all im doing a kingdom hearts 3 giveaway on my twitch channel on jan 26th all my followers will be automatically enter to win!

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