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Along with following each other. Let's also give constructive criticism on each other's channel. Post your user here, follow, and send a whisper on any advice you may have!

User: obwilly

[ Edited 2 months ago ]
I agree 100%. I just started to stream also, https://www.twitch.tv/laggggspike
any help will be really appreciated.
Just checked it out actually! Couldn't stick around long unfortunately. Had a guy from here stop by my stream earlier... made my day haha cheers guys! twitch.tv/elatedjoe
you have to make drama on this website TRUST ME !
just trying to stream in a big world lol would appreciate any feedback

User: Cross Forth
I recently started streaming last month I believe and it's so much fun !! ♡ I also occasionally play with viewers if I have space! ♡
What I mostly stream right now is Overwatch and Diablo 3, but I'm thinking about streaming OSU!, Skyrim and Far Cry. I also try to stream my art sometimes but my tablet has been acting up so not recently.
My stream is also very anime based (Kill La Kill really) I even made my own emotes !! ♡

Followed you, Dantesaan.

Check out my Twitch: https://twitch.tv/coinslotgaming
I play a variety of games including Jackbox 1-5, GTA V, Black Ops 4, and Minecraft. I've been trying to expand my horizons a bit lately and vary my games.
Sounds like a plan!

[ Edited 2 months ago ]
Got everyone followed above look forward to talking with you guys

Hi guys! Im very excited that this kind of support between streamers exist! Im fresh streamer girl myself. I would apriciate follow and/or HOST when ur offline. About Host - please whisp me on Twitch so I would know who to host too when Im offline. :)


I stream World of Warcraft with my 7 characters on max level - 4 of them healers, rest DPS.

Enjoy and kisses :)
Hello, I've recently started streaming a month ago and I am really enjoying it! Do come and visit my stream. Give me a follow and I'll make sure to follow you back!

Hello everyone! This page is awesome :) I'm a new streamer, just getting in the game so to speak ;) Come check me out, I'm going to be live streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 tonight as soon as it goes live!

Happy to return any support I get from any of you :)

Thats a great idea!
Hey guys! new streamer here with great content! will follow back! see you guys there. https://www.twitch.tv/donburritoo
Hey all just started streaming again pretty new to it still so if anyone feels like stopping by and letting me know if things look and sound ok that'd be great I'll make sure to help ya'll out as well.
Hey i started streaming a couple weeks ago. I play all kinds of games. feel free to come by and chat!!! Let me know how it looks.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/325622219 Check me out if you like :)
Hi my name is Amie I recently started streaming, I play a variety of different games.
If you have the spare time I’d appreciate it if you could check me out and I’ll return the favour, thank you.
Twitch.tv/ifortic Would love to get some support and guidance, will follow and checkout everyone else ;)
Twitch.tv/IJustWrkHere Started streaming again mostly BO4. Just join an eSports team and hoping to start streaming some comp matches and scrims. Would love for anyone to come by and watch or drop a follow would mean a lot.
I would love some feedback also looking for people to raid/host so let's keep growing together!!! Streaming FORTNITE & BO4
Give me the feedback! http://twitch.tv/taylorishere. Former Broadway performer, who now works in Tech!
years of mobas on PCand competitive xbox gaming. recently started streaming twitch.tv/thereindeerbbc would love to connect and play some games with fellow streamers!
I'd love a bit of feedback! https://www.twitch.tv/IAmGoodAtLosing
I thought I'd throw this out there for anyone interested....

I run a gaming community called Obtenebration Network. We're a community with a very large focus on content creation by working with content creators in various ways. It's a great place to meet other content creators and to possibly get some help. Our creator program we use to promote on our social-media and have opportunities to do work with our website/channels, some being monetary in nature.

Our discord is http://discord.io/obtennetwork or our website (WIP) is http://www.obten.net

Hope to see some of you there!
Hey everyone, I'll drop you all a follow and help any way I can. Feedback on my own channel would be greatly appreciated!

New to streaming, only got like 25 followers as of right now. Please follow me, I'm a variety streamer trying to find the thing that makes me stand out and/or a game that I can maybe do more long term and be known for. Check me out at www.twitch.tv/MegaTrixel
Hi and nice plan! im in to it :D


im a new streamer
Im new! help me out peeps! what can i do better?
Hey there! I'm fairly new to all this and I'd love feedback, advice, and company! Please give me a follow and I'll do my best to return the favor!

hey guys im just a chill guy that plays fortnite come check me out https://www.twitch.tv/akl_jayar
Hey All! I'm a variety caster trying to find a consistent type of game to play.

Come check me out at https://www.twitch.tv/sazabi0093
Hey! Whats up! I mostly play CSGO or other FPS games, and I like to mess around and just do whatever!
Hey guys, gonna stream a little Spyro Reignited Trilogy! Come and says whats up!


I will try my best to give everyone on here a follow as well. good luck, guys!
Hi everyone!

I'm Red. I'm a variety streamer at heart, but I play FPS games and story-driven games the most. I stream almost daily at this point, though I'm just getting started. Making new content and trying to build an active, engaged community. I hope you'll stop by and say hello! :)

user: @Redwerds
Hello everyone!

New to streaming on the path to affiliate. Like playing FPS and RTS, mostly just looking to build a community to enjoy some gaming and socializing.

Hi guys, I'm a long long time gamer but a brand new streamer, got some presence on other social media and looking to get up to affiliate status.

I'm already getting 10ish views consistently per stream, streaming a variety of different content. It would be fantastic to connect with all of you! I will go down the list and check you all out over the next few days. This is my profile.


Hello, my name is kostas and i'm from Greece..
I try to stream everyday but due to my job is not very easy for me.
Trying to get affiliated right now (seems a bit hard tho).
Anyhow , i would appreciate it if you just take a look at my channel and if you like what you see to drop a follow!
Thanks in advance!
I noticed alot of people lurking through TwitchStrike. Nothing wrong with that. The more viewers coming, the better but i like people to talk with. So far i reached 72 followers now. I'm glad i'm affiliate for a while. Since more people knows about Twitchstrike, the less your channel promotes, i think.
This website is still good for new streamers.

Eyy Thnx Man. Just started streaming and so far I'm really enjoying it. https://www.twitch.tv/swag1010304

I play alot of games on my stream, feel free to help me make the stream even better. Yesterday just enhanced the stream as well so feel free to check me out an i'll do the same for you.
Hey everyone! Figured I’d jump on the train here and help out my fellow new streamers and get some help myself. Twitch channel is twitch.tv/StormSarge. I play Heroes of the Storm, Old school runescape and anything that seems fun. If you follow me I’ll gladly follow back, thanks a lot!
New to the scene. But I love to Stream. Come hang out, and if you like what you see hit that follow button!!
hey guys! I'm a twitch streamer from the UK, and I stream anything I enjoy. Feel free to check out my channel :) twitch.tv/NotSoSuperTV
i had people following me and showing me some supports in the past, but they are now all gone. If you wanna have some fun, here's my channel. I stream mainly overwatch but also... whatever i like to stream really ! https://www.twitch.tv/icetoseeyouu
Just playing. Having a good time. Daily.
Want to create a community of streamers. We need to play together to build exposure.
Love to stream and will keep doing it no matter what. I'm a gamer. I'll play almost anything at least one.

Hit me up in chat!


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