Is this mic better than a snowball?

Neewer NW-700

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I've got a USB snowball and its done me well.

But I scream a lot on stream and the snowball isn't cut out of picking up high decibels (It just becomes blown out).

I've been told by a viewer to try the Neewer NW-700 but I'm scared by the price (It's really cheap) in fact its cheaper than my snowball, so I don't want to down grade. Can anyone tell me if its worth going from a snowball to a NW-700?

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Well, the NW-700 is a condenser mic, so you'd need to put it through phantom power to really get any good use out of it. If you don't already have an interface, you can find a cheap one of those for about $20.
I could find the frequency specs through a cursory search, but I highly doubt that there will be all that much difference between the two mics.
If you don't have a pop filter, that might be a good thing to look into, to lessen some of the harsh attack of yelling into the mic. Another option would be to apply a compressor to whichever program you're running your audio through. It will take up a bit of processing power to be compressing live, but it can help you get rid of huge spikes that seem to be clipping your levels out. Hope this helps!
As long as you have an interface you'll be fine. I own two NW-800's and just upgraded to the Rode NT1A but was really surprised at how good the NW-800 is. This page goes over a comparison with the 7/800
The kit I was looking at on amazon is only £27.99 and comes with:

* NW-700 Condenser Microphone
* 48V Phantom Power Supply
* NW-35 Boom Scissor Arm Stand
* Metal Shock Mount
* NW-3 Pop Filter
* Ball-type Foam Cap
* 3.5MM to XLR Audio Cable
* XLR Male to Female XLR Cable
* Mic Stand Table Mount Clamp

So I guess that's going to be everything I would need.

But also I'm going to try playing with my compressor first like alocalballoon said, to see if I can get my mic to sound a bit better being dropping coin on a new setup. Thanks for your help guys.

Here's a couple of clips using the NW-800 (Which appears to have the same mic capsule, so the quality should be about the same)

If you're looking at changing your audio settings try
My personal issue was that USB mics add additional latency, combined with the latency from audio processing/EQ/compression I ended up with more lag on my mic than I was comfortable with.
So I'd recommend most XLR condensers with a reasonable audio interface over any USB mic.
If you do go for the new mic option, get it without the 48v phantom power if you can and get a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD or UMC204HD - best budget audio interface in my opinion :)
I really like the sound from that mic. Thanks for dropping a few clips.

Just had a look on Amazon and the NW-800 kit comes with 48V Phantom Power Supply etc.

You then talk about the Audio Interface, is this something I need? Or can I look at getting this later down the line?
So it would go

Microphone plugs into 48v phantom PSU
48v PSU goes into audio interface

Most audio interfaces with XLR should have phantom power anyway, like the Behringer audio interface
and a mic stand and cheap XLR cable (make sure the length for both is as much as you need)

Just clipped NT1A for comparison
My current Mic just died, so I've now ordered the NW-800 looking forward to it turning up
Let me know how you get on or if you need any advice/help man :)

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