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EDIT - Drop your twitch or youtube aswell and ill gladly follow/sub
Hey I've seen that a lot of us has been doing it so i thought id hop on

My channel is

I stream pretty much everything. All the thing i enjoy from RTS to FPS to RPG. I play all the things,
If you'd like drop by and hit me with a follow. I would greatly appreciated it !

Thank you in advance

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Hey notguala hit me up at I'll looks your deets up and give you a follow

thanks peeps!
Thanks for the thread Notguala, I'll stop by your stream. My stream is
I stream A LOT of indie games and whats popular too.
Just stumbled upon this site.. Pretty happy with the content so far. I have been going at it alone... I grew up in a rurul area on a farm so I really never could stream. Recently moved and I am giving it a go. Glad to see other people I can connect with. Cheers all! I will give everyone I can find on here a follow!
Hello everyone. Cool site. I will follow everyone on here.

Glorious self promotion:

I will follow you back. Thanks!

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I've gone through and followed you all. Ill stop by when I see you guys online :)
Hey everyone, all I need is some more followers to become an affiliate. I’ll gladly go follow whoever helps me out and show my support through hosting and views! Http://
Yo check out my stream !
Hey guys thanks for all the follows and everything, ill make sure when i get one next ill follow all of you. ! thanks for the support !!!! Would love people too follow :) Would love to follow anyone that follows/subs back! Would love to get some support and guidance, will follow and checkout everyone else ;)
Hey folks!

I would love it if you guys could show some love to the stream! I currently mainly stream Call of Duty but I do switch it up now and then!

Here is my twitch -

Here's a link to one of my youtube videos - sorry for the quality and the quietness - but if you sub that would be amazing

I appreciate all the support!
Starting out on twitch, and i love this sites content so far!

thank you to everyone who takes the time to follow!

[ Edited 2 months ago ] For anyone that's into survival games and the occasional horror experience! I would appreciate anyone who wants to check out my channel and leave a follow! Would be happy to follow back :)
Hey NotGuala. I'll stop by and hit you up with a follow. I'll also follow everyone else here. I'm always happy to help out small streamers!!! Don't forget to return the favor.
Hi every one!! can you all stop buy and give me a follow! would be amazing and i will do the same!! I go live when i can which is in the morning or late afternoon!! Here is my channel

I just started streaming a few days ago but its been fun so far. Yesterday we played House Flipper and built a maze inside a house then went and memed a clients entire house.

i just started streaming mainly fps. on a few times a week. will be happy to follow back.
I recently started streaming last month I believe and it's so much fun !! ♡ I also occasionally play with viewers if I have space! ♡
What I mostly stream right now is Overwatch and Diablo 3, but I'm thinking about streaming OSU!, Skyrim and Far Cry. I also try to stream my art sometimes but my tablet has been acting up so not recently.
My stream is also very anime based (Kill La Kill really) I even made my own emotes !! ♡
I've recently gotten back into streaming and am now dedicating more time working on networking and building up a community. Come stop by to watch high action FPS games. I play COD:BO4, PUBG, SCUM, CS:GO, and more, most of which competitively. Was top 500 in PUBG FPP Squads, have been as high as Rank 13, but ranks are currently broken this season so I stopped chasing rank after the latest WackyJacky video, so for this season I'm mainly doing hot drops and fragging for entertainment on stream. :D

I stream a wide variety of games both console & PC! Looking for my niche/primary game at the moment.

Thanks everyone!
Hi Guys,

Nice to see this.

I will follow everyone who follow :)

Thanks!! ^^
Been making the rounds, had a few people help out a lot from here. Thanks again for stopping by! I will do my best to reach out to as many of you as I can. Cheers! -

I'm a new streamer of less than a week, looking to meet other streamers to play with or help in growing a community. I've been gaming for a long time, but just recently mustered the courage to take the plunge and actually give streaming a go. I'm not doing it with aspirations to make it a living, but to challenge myself out of my comfort zone.

I have a wide range of games I like, so the streaming possibilities are endless. It could go from winning a car show in GTA V online one stream to a game of Stardew Valley or a high-level raid in WoW the next. For the short term, I intend to play Red Dead Redemption 2, not for the views, but mainly because I've been waiting for months to play it.

Anyhow, hit me up if you want to chat or play some games. I'll follow you if you follow me and I might even turn up in your channel to say hello. :-p

Hey man, that sounds like a pretty good trade. Thanks man.
Howdy! I will make sure to stop by!
I just started streaming 2 weeks ago. I have always been a FPS guy so I'm playing BO4: Blackout mostly now. All the research that I have come across say to play unsaturated games. If you have any suggestions for an XBox player please let me know.

my schedule is on the page if anyone would like to stop by and give me advise I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks
Still doing the rounds and catching up on yall!
We small guys gotta support each other!!
Got everyone above this.. look forward to talking to you guys
Hi there, Im polish girl streamer, so I would apriciate every kind of support even tho I stream in Polish only. I hope we can see past language differences in our common goal to rise above internet chaos.

EDIT: I just followed EVERYONE from above my post. I would love to get some back, but if not, its still OK : ) Supporting you is all I need. :)


Witajcie, jestem streamerką od niedawna, dlatego już teraz poszukuję opcji promocyjnych, ludzi którzy wesprą i mogą podawać dalej mój stream. Nie ukrywam, że jest to coś co chciałam od dawna robić, ale nieco brakowało mi odwagi. Od kilku dni streamuję World of Warcraft i mam nadzieję, że znajdziecie czas żeby się przywitać i może zostawić follow. : )

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Hello everyone! This page is awesome :) I'm a new streamer, just getting in the game so to speak ;) Come check me out, I'm going to be live streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 tonight as soon as it goes live!

Happy to return any support I get from any of you :) currently playing Dark Souls 3 and would love it if some of you guys stopped in to say hello.
✪The SmallerStreamerCommunity Discord✪

▻ Hello Fellow Streamer! (Or Youtuber) My name is Elusive, and i am part of the SmallerStreamerCommunity Staff Team. I am here today to tell you a little bit about what this server really is.

▻The SmallerStreamerCommunity Discord is a discord server full of motivated twitch annd youtube streamers looking to make a name for themselves in the streaming world. We understand how hard this can be so we made this discord server to help you promote your channel, find new streamer friends, collab and much much more.

▻If you’re interested in joining the SmalerlStreamerCommunity Discord Server, Either let me know, or click the discord invite Below. Streaming Wolrd of Warcraft raids and pvp most of the time don't be shy to say hello :)
alllllrighty, so i have gotten all got up. Ive followed all of you lovely people

Cant wait to see all you BEAUTIFUL faces [=

Happy streams !
My name is Dave
Im from portugal
I already started streaming like a 5 months a go
And i never failed one day
The name is Matt!
New to the streaming scene :D
Hey Guys Pretty New To Streaming I Stream Everyday So Its Hard To Miss Me. If You Got Spare Time Drop By And Come Chat!

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Hi I’m new to streaming and stream almost everyday, I play a large variety of games and I’m open to suggestions on what to play next.
If you have the spare time I would appreciate it if you could check out my channel and maybe come chill in the chat. Make sure to tell me your channel so I can return the favour and check you out as well. Thanks
Hi my name is Tony, I play a lot of competitive games, but come Dec 7th I will be playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exclusively. My link is
Im currently filling my time with with shooters and battle royale games. stop by some time and hang out
Check me out everyone. I stream fps games, retro, and mmo's we have a good time. I'll try to help any non affiliates with some host as I average 5 to 10 viewers. Just make sure you hang out in the channel and not just use me and become a part of our great community!
Hi! I'm new to streaming world. Currently im streaming only FIFA 19 on PS4.
Hello everyone, I'm Dadingo and I'm here to introduce you to my new Twitch channel!

As a beginner in streaming, I would like to share with my girlfriend the different games we play! (Blizzard games, Steam games, LoL, etc...)
If you want to come and exchange your opinions, your advices or simply to discuss, you are welcome! We also hope to receive constructive criticism in order to improve the quality of the channel.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The link to our Twitch channel ==>

I do alot of stupid sh*t on my streams *video game related* lol

I like to have conversations with chat and all that jazz! I try to entertain as much as I can! Come check me out, I'm going live right now!

I like to play FPS and RTS mainly. Hope to find some people to collaborate with a little to keep things fun for everyone while seeing growth. Check me out and raid if you like lol follow me on twitter @WoodsJaven to see when I got live my schedule is a little messed up atm cause I work nights :/ (don't forget to follow ) :) I play FPS and MMORPG!

i stream most fps (cs:go, pubg , bf13,4 and 1, Bo4 and A-RPG or simulation game. iam trying to be a full time streamer on twitch. but only think is that i still missing the sub button. i do have 57 follower.

I love streaming Battlefield V, I would love to do streaming as a early job!
I appreciate everyone! :D

Hey everyone! I've been playing Overwatch cos of the free trial, MTG: Arena, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and a couple of under the radar games.
Just bought OW at the discounted price and planning to get some regular streaming with my mates underway!

[ Edited 23 days ago ]
Just having some fun with it! If you're up for some bad gameplay and equally as bad language, come give me a watch!
Add me and I'll add you back and check you out! ;p
First month of streaming is going well, trying to do what I can to make that push to affiliate :D
Getting a streaming pc by the end of this week would love for you guys to check me out and give some feedback ❤️😂
ill drop a follow for a follow
same for anyone else, just hit me up on twitch!
Lets get the bread bruthers
Thanks in advance

[ Edited 21 days ago ]

Pushing for that affiliate say hi i you follow :)
I play many games and hopefully become a twitch affiliate :)
Hi guys, I'm a long long time gamer but a brand new streamer, got some presence on other social media and looking to get up to affiliate status.

I'm already getting 10ish views consistently per stream, streaming a variety of different content. It would be fantastic to connect with all of you! I will go down the list and check you all out over the next few days. This is my profile.

My name is Chris and I'm 19 years old currently playing any game that I enjoy and viewers recommend. 🎮🕹
I will normally stream on average 3-4 hours everyday, attempting to make that more soon.
Here's my stream link
Just a quick update. If you followed and would like me to follow you back just send a whisper/message to my twitch channel. Please let me know if you need any help. Thanks!
hey guys come check me out

My Twitch is :

also if you guys need any help growing i am making a youtube channel around how to grow and how i am growing as a streamer come check it out and subscribe
Hi guys! My name's Lisa, I'm 27 years old. I'm a small variety streamer on Twitch. I mostly play video games but also digital drawings and creating emotes for my friends. If you wanna come hang out here's the link to my channel
HeyGuys I started streaming a month ago. I mostly play competitive Fortnite and Ranked games Of League of Legends. I will follow back

[ Edited 20 days ago ]
Hello, my name is kostas and i'm from Greece..
I try to stream everyday but due to my job is not very easy for me.
Trying to get affiliated right now (seems a bit hard tho).
Anyhow , i would appreciate it if you just take a look at my channel and if you like what you see to drop a follow!
Thanks in advance!
I noticed alot of people lurking through TwitchStrike. Nothing wrong with that. The more viewers coming, the better but i like people to talk with. So far i reached 72 followers now. I'm glad i'm affiliate for a while. Since more people knows about Twitchstrike, the less your channel promotes, i think.
This website is still good for new streamers.
Hey, new streamer like everyone here. Just looking to have some fun and talk to chat. Going to be streaming a lot!
Hey Guys,
I like to stream FPS games like Counter Strike and Rainbow Six, but Im also down for a chill game once in a while. We are on the road to affiliate, so pretty soon that will happen. Feel free to stop by.
League of Legends, Beat Saber, Dead By Daylight
Eyy Thnx Man. Just started streaming and so far I'm really enjoying it.

For anyone else in here looking to support a cool streamer, community

We are trying to build a community for streamers/supporters to watch quality content and have decent streamers to game with. In our discord, we stress the importance of networking, the members within the discord will support you if you build a relationship with them.

[ Edited 16 days ago ]
Whats going on my bros
Here is my discord, feel free to drop by and link up!
I generally play fifa 19, black ops 4 anf football manager and many more games to come!
if you feel like watching a idiot on a stream look no further!
Thank you my dudes! :)
What’s up guys love the thread!! Check me out
Hey everyone! Figured I’d jump on the train here and help out my fellow new streamers and get some help myself. Twitch channel is I play Heroes of the Storm, Old school runescape and anything that seems fun. If you follow me I’ll gladly follow back, thanks a lot!
Hey, plenty of variety.
Hey everyone!

I've been a Fortnite streamer for about 6 months now and my channel has rapidly grown!
I am a very outgoing, energetic and LOUD streamer (loud as in I have a TON of fun)

I may not be the best, but I can guarantee my materiel will make you laugh a little :wink:

I am currently a Twitch Affiliate grinding my way to PARTNER!

So heck, if you want stop on in lets have some laughs!
Just playing. Having a good time. Daily.
Want to create a community of streamers. We need to play together to build exposure.
Love to stream and will keep doing it no matter what. I'm a gamer. I'll play almost anything at least one.

Hit me up in chat!

Hey guys, names jake stream name is Jakobe2233, I stream mainly FPS games but I own a ton and stream all of them, I love gaming with friends and followers.
Im still new to this really But I stream almost every day, im grinding to affiliate!
I would really appreciate if you stopped by and hung out.
Yo! My stream name is drowningnemo and I'm from Malaysia. I usually stream League of Legends. Come and check me out! If you like me make sure to hit that FOLLOW button and get notification everytime I live! :D
Hi guys/girls, im still finding out what to stream because i play FPS games but most of the games are saturated so i i get some fan base i will play them but i first need to get a fan base
so here is my self promotions: come check me out, would love to have some cool people to chat with and watch my channel, thanks
Variety streamer/entertainer. 20 years old and not actually a dad. Started streaming about 2 weeks ago so come check me out and follow me if you like, all follows are much appreciated. Us small channels gotta stick together (;

[ Edited 4 days ago ]
Streaming many types of nintendo switch and ps4 games. Check out my channel
Hi! I'm Clarise, 18 (F), just started streaming but I usually stream hours a day. I play Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, COD 4, and Fortnite. I am in need of viewers or even collabs to do to expand my views/subs! If anyone is interested in playing together LMK!!
Hey :D Tony 22(M) just got back to streaming had to take a break due to family problems but all sorted, i streamed 6~ days a week 3pm-7~ pst. normally Paladins/Overwatch/League/Fortnite :D
Hi all,

New to streaming so hoping to build my channel. Would appreciate any help with this! Currently playing Fortnite but am looking to expand!
Hey everyone, brand new to streaming and loving it. Only getting a couple viewers currently but I love the interaction I have with people while playing. Hope you'll drop by:
Hey everyone, I am a variety streamer.
Hey everyone, this is the first time that I have just dropped my stream into a public forum. I mostly stream for bigger channels like Boise State University and FatBeeTV and I host those shows on my channel, but I am trying to start up my own personal stream stream.

I away right now on some work business follow me and stop by the channel to learn more also follow my social to get more info thanks have a lovely day
Hey, Everyone!

I'm trying to build a cool community with some awesome people. Wanna help me out? A follow would mean a lot.


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