small and/or new streamers, post here.

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i've watched on someone's video about twitch strike which i never heard of it.

I'm kinda new streamer ( - 1 month) but follows and viewers are kinda slow (makes sense)

I gave it a try to use the pro account to promote my channel and so far and for the first time, i have 14 viewers during my 3 hours stream, but always between 2 or 3 viewers which is ok but no followers. It takes time, i know. it's kinda hard, no matter what you try but hoping i will get more viewers and followers, So i post it here.

So far, i stream only PS4 games, good audio, good quality, info panels available.

My channel:

Hello, I'm new here too, just started. If you want to follow me I will follow you. Oh my, I should set up a forum posts for follow4follow type stuff.
Best advice is..... just be patient Find out which games bring you the most viewers/interaction and play that game more often. I started with 2/3 viewers now I am around 20/30 viewers with about 5 subs and donations. (this about 1 1/2 -2 months ) and it keeps growing everyday. stream as consistent as possible and as much as possible with out getting burnt out. Good luck
I'm new to streaming as well (started last Wednesday) but I already gained 4 followers from just streaming niche games that I personally enjoy.

I'm still setting up all of my stream stuff, like some widgets and twitch artwork. if you have any suggestions I will be glad to hear it. maybe we can do a coop stream together!
I just upgraded my new system, got my first emote in for review. Let me know what you guys think
Been streaming since march, usually just two nights a week :)
Hey guys! Just started earlier this month myself
Come hang out and chill!
Stream For Honor mostly right now but I stream a variety of other games too.
Im so new that I can't figure out why my message here keeps getting cut extremely short lol. Im 1 month new on twitch - the name is CongeeB there as well. Would love to hear from you all there!

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Hey there! I’m confused, you said a pro account promotes your channel, but I’ve never heard that before. How does it work?

I started streaming about a month ago, I’ve been streaming marbles so if anyone wants to join feel free to drop by and say hello!
Here’s my and my roommate who also started streaming
Hi I'm Zoocher. I just picked up streaming again for the third time, since I now have the time for streaming. I plan on streaming Enter the Gungeon and Hollow Knight.

I stream most evenings and promise nothing productive will get done.
What up folks. I'm The Zero Hour Hero. I stream Overwatch, Binding of Isaac, and have two days that float between other games (Currently New Vegas, and another that is whatever I'm feeling) I'm a veteran, a family man, and a marketing dude by trade, and I'm also a big big proponent of having a nice chill place for folks to forget about life problems, or talk about them if they need to, along with supporting mental health efforts and communities. I can be found at

I look forward to seeing you Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, all are welcome in The Clocktower.

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it's good i see some new streamers here. For now, i have 90 viewers looked at my channel but only got 2followers gained during the pro user. I wonder what i can do more. I don't expect a huge followers gain. You can host me or raid if you want to.
Hi im Killst3r From India! at 280 followers rn...but views are a bit dicey! also im still learning how to talk to myself and the viewers. if you wanna check me out. I usually have a variety of games that i play. right now i am streaming Ark, and some other games. hope to see you all !
New as well :

I do a weekly Quiplash stream with the viewers, apart from that it's anything else. Drop by if you would like to have some laughs ;)
New here also:

I try to stream all weekend, and during the weekdays between 3:00 PM EST - 6:30 PM EST.
Im from the UK and stream a variety of games Pubg/GTA5/Project cars 2 needing to find people to lurk and pull in more viewers
Hi guys, Simon here, relatively new streamer! /sighhmon - would be greatly appreciated if you came and enjoy some content.

I play CSGO, Fortnite, LoL, Dota 2, Rocket League, other random games!
I am Champion Wiggles. I'm relatively new to streaming and still trying to find my "niche" in terms of games. My schedule is Mon, Wed, and Fri @ 12am GMT (6pm for MST)

I firmly believe in Support4Support. If you follow me, I will definitely follow you back. If you come into my streams and chat with me, I will make it a priority to do the same and drop into your streams and talk with you. I remember those that show love. Real, authentic support is the only way to grow. Follow4Follow will do nothing.
I do art stuff and games, come over and chill.
i play a variety of games. really just anytthing i enjoy. I'm 7 followers away from my 50! Help me out and I'll help you!
If you like to play or watch Dead by Daylight content me and my friends are always playing around 7pm-11pm
@smitherbees, I just returned your follow. I'll help you get that push to affiliate, man.

@assigndbd, what time zone? My 7pm and your 7pm could be 12 hours apart ;). Also what days?
Just started streaming this week! Trying to play a variety of games to find which one works best for the stream. Trying for a push to affiliate :D
I’m new to streaming I’ve been streaming for a month now and the views are slow all the support is needed my guys and gals I play fortnite by the way

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Guys if you need help on getting follows IL try and help I have 1120 followers and I can give us a shout out if u follow me and help me grow also please help guys
Hey everyone! I am very open to follow4follow, but also looking for some insight as to which games brought you the highest viewer counts. My main games are PUBG and Overwatch. Looking forward to checking out everyone's streams!
My twitch is

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Hey guys & gals. I just started streaming this week. I took a huge plunge & am trying it full time for a year & then evaluating where I’m at. I would super appreciate any support you all could offer. I’m trying my best to provide a high quality stream. Playing Ring of Elysium right now, but that isn’t bringing in many viewers so I think I’ll be switching to something more niche. I’m super thankful in advance for any follows or views. I’ll happily do my best to support as many in this thread as I can.
My schedule is Mon-Thurs 11am-5pm EST.
Thanks and best of luck to everyone!
SUP homies. My stream is built around light-hearted comedy and friend making. Hope you can come join me sometime
this is my 2nd affiliate still having problem with viewers .. for a newbie like us here is my link .
Hey guys i'm a fairly new streamer just trying to get more viewers i mainly play shooting games but occasionally i do some music making.
Here's a link pop in and don't be shy.
Hey guys!

I just started streaming recently and would love for you guys to follow the stream and come hang out.

Currently I stream Assassins Creed since it just came out, not that many viewers but I enjoy playing the game.

Once Black Ops 4 comes out I'm primarily going to stream that.

I currently am trying to stream 7/8-11/12 PM EST due to my job but on the weekend the times are a toss up.

I just want to have a fun and enjoyable stream for everyone so if you could follow that would be greatly appreciated.

I do stream on PS4 since its the most accessible to me, any feedback on the stream would be great.

Thanks guys -
I just started to if anybody would like to see me do challenges for games follow me on twitch@idontcare320
Hi everyone,

I'm a fairly long-time streamer, but have never been able to make my channel grow. I tend to stream retro games and arcade racers as those are the games that I enjoy, but not a lot of people search for them, and I don't particularly want to play the latest trend just to draw viewers who will leave again when I play something else...

I'm always up for helping out others - I've followed everyone in this thread and tend to host smaller streams after I've finished streaming myself, so I hope to spread this behaviour to others. ^_^

Obligatory self-promotion:
part time streamer ,FIFA gamer and pubg sometimes.
just click the image you will get my twitch channel.
i help new streamers.
What's up my ninjas?!

Anime/horror/FPS games are what you can expect when you hop into my twitch channel. I've just got serious with Twitch, so I will be always improving and finding better ways to make better content for you! I believe in a place where everyone can get away from any stressful environment or problem and that place is what I want my channel to be! I stream FPS shooters, Horror Games, and some random side games if they catch my interest! Something funny or interesting always happens within our growing community. Anyway thank you for listening and feel free to join here! P.S.- Always looking to network with people and costream if my interests yours!
Full-Time Streamer who plays mostly Fps games. I stream every day except Sundays & Wednesday and love to chat and play with viewers. Currently, need 3 concurrent viewers for affiliate and would greatly appreciate if you came and watched me. :)
Recently became an affiliate. Not new to streaming, but picked it up again after two years, and I'd love to network with anyone to grow each other's communities :) Working toward Partnership. If you're ever interested in catching a new stream, I'm Kate, and you can catch me playing a lot of Nintendo games usually at
Hi guys 'n gals,
I'm McPoowl and I recently started streaming (again) I stream directly via console, or on PC. Capture card to run console to pc is on the way though.

I'm an avid Twitch viewer, and streaming itself has always been intriguing to me. I talk about it alot with the Mrs. She even got excited of me trying it aswell! I do have a full time job, and a 7 months old baby. But I've been trying to stream as much as possible. One of the other reasons for me to start streaming is to be confident in talking in front of multiple people. A way to combine the fun with the helpful, right? :-)

I would love for some of you guys to check me out, drop a follow. I'm streaming / optimizing the stream as I go, so feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

McPoowl (
Whats up everyone im also new to the stream. i play different kinds of games and like to have fun. i stream in the mornings but its if ya want to check these is my page i promise i dont bite lol.
What's up streaming community! I am a new streamer that streams Xbox One games on twitch Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday starting at 8pm EST(weekends pending work schedule). I want to play a positive role in the streaming community and promote growth for everyone. I appreciate the community, followers, and viewers for their dedication! Feel free to follow me on Twitch at twitch.ttvgtgamer008 and Twitter @gtgamer008. Thanks for the support and I will return the favor!
Hey guys, lets all help each other out. Cornholio, I wish you the best of luck in your journey and hope to see you can break past it. It will come, I know im almost there myself and its been about 2 month. Join teams, look for community and that will be your best bet
Hi fellow streamers, xXDoofusmanXx here. I have been on and off streaming for about 6 yrs. Lots of family and personal issues kept me from doing it. Now i have the time and i stream about 110 to 130 hours a month. I try to fit it in when not working. I'm an older streamer, but I keep up with the young guns. I play all sorts of games from MOBA to CCG to shooters to turn based strats to rpgs... and anything else that tickles my fancy. Right now it's CoD (I know, everyone is doin it)
Come in and say you're from strike and i'll give you a follow for follow. I only watch Twitch for the last 6 or so years, regular TV causes cancer. Vidya games is the way. Hang out and BS with the chat and me, watch me get salty, listen to old music... fun for everyone (Unless you're under 18, have delicate sensibilities, and don't like the F word... I'm from NY, I REALLY like the F word.)
Put the kids to bed, grab a drink and laugh at my expense. I hope you drop in just to see whats what.
small streamer been streaming off and on for about a year or so. Just moved so just started streaming again. Might need help checking out my stream to let me know if my audio is fine or not.
hello everyone, i'm khozozo237. I'm a new streamer that streams on Playstation 4 and also on PC. I will stream on sunday in the afternoon. I play every type of game and it also depends on the situation which game i will play. I hope u will visit me once.
I am a new streamer. I am MartyMooseTV on twitch. I am looking for new frienss and loyal followers. Feel free to pop in. I stream daily ..

I stream over at . I've been around for a couple of years but my channel is still really small.
At the moment I mostly stream Fortnite and my channel is in kind of a Swe/Eng state but I switch things up
to English instantly without a problem if people who don't speak Swedish drop by (most of my viewers are from there).

Drop by and say hi sometime. :)
I have started to stream about a month ago. Personally, I like it especially chatting with people through chatbox.) But it seems that growing any channel from 0 to at least 50 is quite challenging. So I am looking towards new people with whom I could chat and play and cook (IRL))).
Here is the link
Hey guys, I've been streaming for awhile now, but haven't had time with the kiddos much. I try to stream at least once a week. Hopefully, you guys can stop by the stream. Give me a follow and I'll make sure to return the favor!
Hello Everyone,
Thank you for your post. I look forward to networking with everyone and sharing ideas on how to better our viewers experiences. You can connect with me a number of ways on social media, always feel free to watch me at
Hi guys and gals!

Wow, I am actually really impressed with all the help in here guys. I randomly stumbled upon this site before work. I streamed a few years ago while in school had a really good run.. Lost it all when I moved back home. So I'm going to give it another shot. Feel free to stop by and ask questions. I grew up in small community on a farm, lots of stories there. Thanks everyone, and now that I found this I will do my best to follow and stop by the streams in these forums. We can do this! We can get out of the 2-3 viewer zone! --
Hello everyone. Cool site. I will follow everyone on here.

Glorious self promotion:

I will follow you back. Thanks!

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Hey everyone! I’m going to go through here soon and send some follows everyone’s way! If you could help support me on that would be great! I’ll make sure to host and send views your way whenever I can!
Hey everyone! I’m going to go through here soon and send some follows everyone’s way! If you could help support me on that would be great! I’ll make sure to host and send views your way whenever I can!

Just started to stream also. Any help, hints, tips, and feedback would be great.
Yo check out my stream !
Heya there folks!
First of all great site and seems like a good option for us small folks to get our voices heard!

My name is CROTemplaR and I'm a new variety gamer/streamer.

Queue shameless self promotion here :

Alright now that we got that out of the way I stream mostly titles with some form of RPG elements and if its a single player game its 100% blind playthrough, but play alot of grindy games like D3, Poe, Warframe. So if you intrested to game together or just want to chill, hop in!
Ill skim through this post to follow my fellow small streamers, hope you will do the same!

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Hey everyone, I just did my first stream last night and still working out the kinks but would appreciate any support :)
Hey everyone, trying to stream today still working out the kinks but would appreciate any support. for the stream

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small streamer! just trying to grow my audience.
Hi everyone! im a new streamer! come give me a follow and jump on and have a chat when im live!! Also would be great for feedback on how my stream looks to help make it awesome!! Here is my channel and i hope to see a heap of you lot!!

Just started streaming will be keen for a follow and i will follow back.
I recently started streaming last month I believe and it's so much fun !! ♡ I also occasionally play with viewers if I have space! ♡
What I mostly stream right now is Overwatch and Diablo 3, but I'm thinking about streaming OSU!, Skyrim and Far Cry. I also try to stream my art sometimes but my tablet has been acting up so not recently.
My stream is also very anime based (Kill La Kill really) I even made my own emotes !! ♡
got every one here on follow hope you are having fun streaming.. stop by and chat with me sometimes and ill do the same
Hello, My Name Is Bradderz. Don't forget to follow me on I will be live streaming at 6:00 p.m bst.
Hi guys! Im very excited that this kind of support between streamers exist! Im fresh streamer girl myself. I would apriciate follow and/or HOST when ur offline. About Host - please whisp me on Twitch so I would know who to host too when Im offline. :)

I stream World of Warcraft with my 7 characters on max level - 4 of them healers, rest DPS.

Enjoy and kisses :)
Hello, I've recently started streaming a month ago and I am really enjoying it! Do come and visit my stream. Give me a follow and I'll make sure to follow you back!

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Hello everyone! This page is awesome :) I'm a new streamer, just getting in the game so to speak ;) Come check me out, I'm going to be live streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 tonight as soon as it goes live!

Happy to return any support I get from any of you :)
Just found this website on reddit and figured Id drop my channel as well. It's a struggle out here for us small streamers! lol feel free to stop in and say whats up. I usually stream super early in the am east coast, after work.
✪The SmallerStreamerCommunity Discord✪

▻ Hello Fellow Streamer! (Or Youtuber) My name is Elusive, and i am part of the SmallerStreamerCommunity Staff Team. I am here today to tell you a little bit about what this server really is.

▻The SmallerStreamerCommunity Discord is a discord server full of motivated twitch annd youtube streamers looking to make a name for themselves in the streaming world. We understand how hard this can be so we made this discord server to help you promote your channel, find new streamer friends, collab and much much more.

▻If you’re interested in joining the SmalerlStreamerCommunity Discord Server, Either let me know, or click the discord invite Below.

243 Online
651 Members

Just found out about twitch strike and its nice to find a streamer forum made up of people from twitch! looking forward to finding answers to questions and connecting with new people! ^_^
Hey guys! My hubby KaioKenzin told me have my voice heard here. I've been streaming for a couple months now, but don't get to stream a whole lot due to being a mommy of 2. If you guys have any tips to streaming, please let me know. I'll give you guys a follow, and hope you can return the favor!
Hey guys! I'm a small 23 years old Chilean streamer, I usually stream LoL, Fornite, CS:GO and some other games depending on my mood. If you can stop in my stream to say hello or just to chill and chat I would really appreciate it. Also if you have any tips or suggestions to improve, i'm more than please to hear them. I'm usually live from 19:00 to 22:00 (GMT -04:00) See you there!

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Hi all, I just started streaming last week. Finally got a decent rig for it plus the internet in this small city in the Philippines has finally improved somewhat. I've only streamed MTG Arena so far but planning to expand to rpg and strategy games. Random hours right now, still deciding on a schedule. Anyway give me a follow and I'll follow you back!
hey all! Super small streamer here but trying to grow. Great content with high end gear. Looking for a lil boost so if anyone could give a follow I would be so appreciative! I stream everyday around 7pm est. Mostly horror let's play games but I change it up too. thanks guys!
Never seen this site before and it actually is helpful when telling you the best games to currently play. If any of you ever wanna hop over and check out our channel full of cringe worthy but funny gaming, then you can check us out here:
Been streaming for almost 1 month, been struggling hard but trying to find some new people to become friends with! :D
This clip also leads to my channel:
I’m better than average black-out gamer. If you want to learn Some tactics, check me our
am wizardoak from northern ireland and am Autism streamer. i want to make awareness of autism, which many people always got the wrong about autism. am being streaming for years and here my link.
Make sure you guys submit your best clips to Twitch Strike. I don't know if it was from here, but I somehow got over 700 views to my recent Red Dead Redemption 2 Clip.

[ Edited 2 months ago ]
New Streamer from South Africa! Come check it our. Do mostly space style stuff, but still trying to find my sweet spot.
It is awesome how many people are on here, I have been trying to make it around. I usually dedicate a bit of time after I stream to stop by others peoples streams. Good luck everyone! If I don't have you followed stop by and remind me! I will be sure to return the favour.. So far I have had a lot of fun checking out peoples streams.
HeyGuys! started streaming earlier this month. i'd appreciate a follow

[ Edited 2 months ago ]
Well JimboSlice, i submit every clip i made and few people watched but sometimes i clicked my own multiple times to go high ranking that people can watch my clips at higher views than low.

BTW, i never believe this post has made so popular that everyone post about their own introduction as a new/small streamer. But for myself i can't watch so much on this website because i'm doing some things like work. Twitch should made a category or a filter like high viewer first or lower viewer first. A-Z or Z-A as examples. That would make the change for new/small streamers, i think. For now, people only watch streamers with high viewers and low viewers are just left it there and that's really hard.
Well My Name is Dustman777 I have been playing Videogames for 10 years love every game

[ Edited 2 months ago ]
Good day all, small streamer that moved over from the hells of YouTube and video production. Playing things like ARK Extinction (Nov. 6th) Star Wars The Old Republic, Ashes of Creation (once its stable) And well, many others and later at night as a hobby right now.

Thanks for the Follow in advance!
Hi everyone, my name is Bachenstein and I have been off and on streaming casually for years.

I decided recently to really dedicate some of my time to streaming to see if I can grow my channel and audience.
I play primarily Blackops 4 and Hunt Showdown right now. If anyone would like to network and do some streams together please send me a message or stop by the channel!

Thanks in advance for anyone who follows!
I have been streaming for 3-4 months and i am really trying to get some viwers but i honestly idk if i am doing something wrong, i am playing all kinds of games my favorite would be League of Legends but i don't seem to get any viewers, no matter what game i am streaming, watched all the videos on youtube ( how to grow a community/how to start streaming/tips on how to get viewers), sometimes it feels like there is no point in it, so if there is any kind of tips that i can use to get me going i would very much apreciate it.
Hey everyone! i finaly have my mic and face cam up and running now! would love some tips and pointers on ways to improve my stream and would love some mad help to get to affiliate!!! will also help out with you lot as well!! Jump over and hit the follow button so you know when im live and you can chat with me!!
Hey guys! I started streaming recently so my setup is not complete yet. Audio is a bit shaky and I'm using my iphone as a facecam, but a new cam is on it's way. I have have to start somewhere. I would appreciate any advice.
Hello everyone, i am small too and wanna wish everyone good luck on your goals!!!
Hey Guys Pretty New To Streaming I Stream Everyday So Its Hard To Miss Me. If You Got Spare Time Drop By And Come Chat!
Started streaming only a few days ago and cant wait to stream more!
my schedule is -

Monday - Friday

Australian Time (AEST)
Starting Time: 12:00 PM

America: (PDT)
Starting Time: 6:00 PM

America: (EDT)
Starting Time: 9:00 PM

Europe: (CEST)
Starting Time: 3:00 AM

Thank you all! :D
my schedule will be everyday Monday to Sunday will talk to my chat will be a chil stream where I just play the game and talk to chat check me out if you want will be good to talk to people who come join :)
Hi my name is Amie I’m new to streaming started about a month ago.
I stream a variety of different games. I like to take suggestions on what else I should play as well.
My schedule is Monday-Sunday around 7pm GMT.
Check me out

i stream whatever whenever.
New Streamer over her. I stream with my friends when I can.
Hey all! Friendly Biker/Streamer here...Love to Ride hard and Play Harder! Got a nice bike? Lets talk road stories! Love to play various games like I do? even better! Come on into the stream and enjoy some laughs at my fails lol. Keep this in mind, just like my fellow bikers, I support my fellow streamers. So what are you waiting for? Lets get those kickstands up and ride!
Streaming FIFA 18 Squad Battles at 10am (UK Time) come take a look Would love to get some support and guidance, will follow and checkout everyone else ;)
Hello everyone! We stream dungeons and dragons every Sunday at 5pm EST. If anyone has any dnd streams, I would love to give you a follow.
Hey Everyone! I go Live daily and make content on youtube come hangout in the streams with me!! I love interacting with the chat!
Hey guys! I'm live AT LEAST 5 times a week, schedule coming soon! I play a variety of games, and I recently got my sub button!

Come say hi and enjoy yourself!
I own a bar at Twitch, if u guys dont mind im trying to join community and i need follow

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Hi all, variety streamer here that plays many games and am always open to suggestions. Love to get to know my viewers and play with everyone!
Recently became affiliated!

Come join:

[ Edited 1 month ago ]
Fortnite Streamer here! 10,000 Vbucks Giveaway happening RIGHT NOW. Visit my channel to join or click the gleam link. . High-Kill Solos and Duos. New Soundboard for Viewers to use for FREE. Make sounds on my Stream in Realtime!
I started about 14 days ago, stream a variety of games, been going back and forth between The Division and Grand Theft Auto V. Got 9 followers now, just trying to grow my channel to affiliate status first.
Hello! I started streaming in 2011 but just not have gained traction at all. I'm a variety streamer so I stream anything from retro to modern but I do prefer to play retro games. Genre's I play include RPG, platformers, action and adventure. Favorite games series is Final Fantasy, and Mega Man.

Hope to see you guys there! :)
I started 2 months ago, and am having a bit of a rough time as you all did at start I guess.

Let me introduce myself:
- Variety streamer
- Mostly play RPG, JRPG, Action, Adventure, Platformers
- Currently struggling between English and Croatian language but prefering English
- Streaming in free time (I have a daily job)
- Trying to join Twitch Affiliate Program (later Partner hopefully)
- Chill Streams (I guess)

Thanks for supporting and coming by in advance.
Hope to see ya!

[ Edited 1 month ago ]

What's up Twitch Strikers just found this site from a random search on google and I'm happy I did any edge on channel growth is great! I started streaming 3 months ago and I have steadily gained more and more followers each month and have just passed 500 followers with 15 subscribers. I stream daily around 6:00 PM for 4-6 hours, and I play FORTNITE and Black Ops 4 on the PS4. I currently have a $20 PSN CARD GIVEAWAY going on right now so feel free to bop that follow button for a chance to win!

[ Edited 1 month ago ]
Hey everyone! If your looking for a streamer that plays a lot of payday 2 and warframe, then look no further! Tune into one of my streams for some fun and a couple of laughs, you can join in on the next stream here!
Hey I'm a new streaming looking for people to play with I started a team as well I live stream everyday come join me! thanks!
Hi All,

New Streamer here, Still rockin in my first month. I stream usually 4-5 days a week in roughly 4 hour blocks on top of my full time job. Looking to create a fun and relaxing community, have some laughs, and see what happens. Would love to develop some connections, add people to some hosting lists, etc. I usually stream what I have fun playing so it tends to vary from week to week! Come by and chill if you can :)
Hey there! I'm Dragon Plays also go by Dragon. I'm a variety streamer that plays pretty much whatever suits my interest or I think would be fun. I play both on PC and PS4.

I have been interested in streaming for the longest time just never had the money to get anything to stream with till I got a PS4... Now that I have my own PC I try to interact as much as I can with my viewers and friends.

I'v had a good mindset on streaming for awhile now but with work and school I could never get into it. Now since I have more free time I try to stream as often I can till I'm out of school and can make a schedule.
Feel free to check out my channel or just stop by and say hello:
i am not a new streamer but having trouble keeping viewers or getting ppl to come watch me i am affliated but want to get better
I'm a new streamer about 2 weeks in and looking to make new friends and entertain new people. I'm working on a schedule that works with my real life job (Paramedic). Stop by and say hi. I always pay attention to chat. :)

if you like it drop a follow, it really does help
Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, been streaming for about 2 months and I want to thank everyone who helped me get Affiliated especially twitchstrike which helped me choose a game's I enjoy but also helped me grow as well
Hey Guys! I am a new streamer and have streamed for almost a month now, I am almost affiliated and would love to share my experience with the world and grow further and further, if you would like to stop in and say hi, you can pop in at Thanks Guys
If you want to leave a follow ...
Jumping on this follow train, Been streaming little over a month. Just really enjoying playing games as well as communicating with chat. Come by say Hi, In return when I see you live I will do the same. Looking to build a great community to just hang out with and enjoy conversation and some laughs.


[ Edited 28 days ago ]
Just started streaming a few days ago so i have 9 followers, i've been playing Frostpunk and Rainbow six Siege!

Check me out on

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To anybody reading this, my friend and I just started a co-stream yesterday. We are going to be shiny hunting a growlithe tonight at 10pm mst. If that interests you swing by and hang out. Follows are much appreciated as we chase our dreams!
Currently streaming right now! Come join us!

Either way, come check out my channel, where I stream almost daily:
Im Not new to the streaming realm, but i am at the same time, feel free to check out the stream sometime!
Hi! This isn't for me, but someone close to me named @classy__balooga. ( )

He mainly streams fortnite, and he's a great kid too! He's soo close to becoming an affiliate, he just needs a little more viewers so he can make it! He has a very bright and fun personality, and he's pretty funny too (sometimes). I know it would make him very happy if he where to get more viwers and followers so please help a kid out please!
Hello everyone, new to streaming. Working towards affiliate so any follows would be appreciated. Play FPS and RTS and like to chat about sports, movies, etc.
Hello everyone, new to streaming. Working towards affiliate so any follows would be appreciated. Play FPS and RTS and like to chat about sports, movies, etc.
we should drop a follow for follow, just hit me up in twitch DMs and ill get on it!
Suh dudes, Come by and chill. Chat needs to get hyped up bruthers
Hi guys, I'm a long long time gamer but a brand new streamer, got some presence on other social media and looking to get up to affiliate status.

I'm already getting 10ish views consistently per stream, streaming a variety of different content. It would be fantastic to connect with all of you! I will go down the list and check you all out over the next few days. This is my profile.

IAmN1GHTMAR3 im a live streaming try to grow and also want to help other get there
My name is Chris and I'm 19 years old currently playing any game that I enjoy and viewers recommend. 🎮🕹
I will normally stream on average 3-4 hours everyday, attempting to make that more soon.
Here's my stream link
Hello, I am small streamer looking to grow obv followers is an issue I will permanent follow anyone who follows me Thanks in advance
Hi guys! My name's Lisa, I'm 27 years old. I'm a small variety streamer on Twitch. I mostly play video games but also digital drawings and creating emotes for my friends. If you wanna come hang out here's the link to my channel
Hello, my name is kostas and i'm from Greece..
I try to stream everyday but due to my job is not very easy for me.
Trying to get affiliated right now (seems a bit hard tho).
Anyhow , i would appreciate it if you just take a look at my channel and if you like what you see to drop a follow!
Thanks in advance!
Hi everyone! Drop a follow, let me know your from TwitchStrike and I will follow back and show your stream love! Can’t wait to chat!
I noticed alot of people lurking through TwitchStrike. Nothing wrong with that. The more viewers coming, the better but i like people to talk with. So far i reached 72 followers now. I'm glad i'm affiliate for a while. Since more people knows about Twitchstrike, the less your channel promotes, i think.
This website is still good for new streamers.
Everyday streams of variety stuff.

[ Edited 7 days ago ]
Hey Guys,
I like to stream FPS games like Counter Strike and Rainbow Six, but Im also down for a chill game once in a while. We are on the road to affiliate, so pretty soon that will happen. Feel free to stop by.
do it up
Hey Guys I am a newer streamer just playing some smaller games right now I am at 9 follows with 2-3 viewers would love some support come check me out at
League of Legends, Beat Saber, Dead By daylight
Hi all, started streaming 3 days ago, I stream a variety of games on Wednesday, and Rainbow Six Siege Mon and Friday 9pm - 12am

Sat and Sun random games and random times,

check me out plz

[ Edited 17 days ago ]
Eyy Thnx Man. Just started streaming and so far I'm really enjoying it.
Whats going on my bros
Here is my discord, feel free to drop by and link up!
I generally play fifa 19, black ops 4 anf football manager and many more games to come!
if you feel like watching a idiot on a stream look no further!
Thank you my dudes! :)
Hey everyone! I am fairly new to Twitch, but am looking to grow with others. I usually stream Halo 5 or H3, but want to get into BO4, RDR2, and others. I'd really appreciate if you checked me out! Have a good one!
Hey everyone! Figured I’d jump on the train here and help out my fellow new streamers and get some help myself. Twitch channel is I play Heroes of the Storm, Old school runescape and anything that seems fun. If you follow me I’ll gladly follow back, thanks a lot!
Hey everyone! Figured I’d jump on the train here and help out my fellow new streamers and get some help myself. Twitch channel is I play Heroes of the Storm, Old school runescape and anything that seems fun. If you follow me I’ll gladly follow back, thanks a lot!
Hey everyone! Figured I’d jump on the train here and help out my fellow new streamers and get some help myself. Twitch channel is I play Heroes of the Storm, Old school runescape and anything that seems fun. If you follow me I’ll gladly follow back, thanks a lot!
Hello everyone! It's so nice to see such a big community full of people that want to support each other :)
I'm a new streamer too, I've been on Twitch since 11th of November :3 I'm fortunate enough to have few friends that help me out and actually watch my streams which consist mostly of shouting and running whilst playing Dead by Daylight.
I'm planning on playing a few other games soon as well as start DIY/IRL and art streams.
You are all welcome to stop by and check out my channel :)
Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the streaming side of Twitch, but I'm a long time lurker. I stream a variety of games and I like to have good conversations with anyone chatting. It's great to see the support here for smaller streamers. Come check out the stream when you get a chance and don't be afraid to leave any feedback!
nice thread! going on 3 months now for me.
Hey all, I'm new to all this as well. I'll be keeping to non-shooter games for a bit as those are tough on my PC/internet, but I love retro games, Stardew Valley, FTL, and a lot more.
hi guys ! I m belgian and i would like to present our webtv :D it's a multigaming webtv based on fun and happinness ! We are now affiliated but we look after more viewers and followers ! Just know what we do, we follow for follow, we host for host and we talk with you when we are on stream :D so click here at : and sub now :D
Hi guys, Im a Panamenian streamer, on my channel you can see all about games and also i talk a littel bit of music business, also play Latin Rock Bands!
Follow me and i follow back!
Stay Tune!
I could use a couple a followers, at this point in time im a very sh*tty streamer(quiet,non enthusiastic, monotone) but im working on it
my followers are more then welcome to give me suggestions (like a schedule, and games)
Twitchname: De4dLyNiNj4
Hey come check out my stream i go live everyday 5-6 central time i dont play any specific games as of right now, but if you are bored and wanna kick back and have some fun...come check it out!
K9 Trust

We decided to let one of our volunteers start streaming in the hopes of garnering a place to post our training how-tos, and also to let him try to get some revenue for the rescue. We stream Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 pm until around 11 pm, and on Saturdays from 3 pm until around 11 pm. We sometimes hop on during the day for some chatter and training work as well. Lately, he's been streaming Battlefield V, but we're working on bringing other games into the mix on top of the chatter and training videos as well.

We hope to see you there!

About us: We are a 501(c)(3) dog rescue based in Colorado. We specialize in those dogs that have a bad behavior history (bites) that are scheduled to be euthanized. We take them in, rehabilitate them, and find them permanent homes. We also do a monthly outreach program with a health and welfare check of our homeless population's companion dogs, and we provide the community at large a low-cost option for microchipping their dogs in case they get loose ($15, chip and lifetime registry).

[ Edited 10 days ago ]
Hey, I just started aswell and i'm doing small games like Cube World and other random games like. I have a overlay and everything setup now I just need people to talk to and have fun with.

Twitch: S1lentAsN1ght

[ Edited 8 days ago ]
Hey all,
I stream... games, I like too many different games to list them all.
I'm a french canadian who stream in english but obviously I can speak and understand french :)
I'm looking to reach to more and more people : gamers, lurkers and streamers.

Come and say hi!

Hey all!

i literally started streaming this weekend. Can't even decide what game(s) I want to play really. I've been without a very capable PC until last week, so I was rather limited in what I could even play for the last few years.

I'd like to find some casual fun games that I can have fun with a chat with and not worry too much about being an ultra elite gamer while playing them.
Hello SRG in the house just working on my channel i've been streaming for quite some time now i am looking for new small streamers to host and collab with hit me up
Hello Everyone!! Check out the page and give some love to a newer streamer! I play all types of games and love interacting with people!
Drop on by and say Hi!
Hello guys! I'm a small streamer from the UK. I stream anything I like such as Overwatch, RDR2, RoE, Simulation games, Side scrollers etc. I'm live now playing some RoE, so it would be great if you could stop by :)
I will follow back anyone who follows me!
I mostly play battlefield and fortnite, have a good set up and good quality streams just need viewers :(
I am a person who usually streams whatever, currently its between SMITE, H1Z1, and rarely terraria/trove. Come check me out!
I am a person who usually streams whatever, currently its between SMITE, H1Z1, and rarely terraria/trove. Come check me out!
Been trying to break into affiliated so hard now that my average is at 2.5 viewers :[ help me grow yall! I'll appreciate the help and will return the favor.
Think I've settled on streaming Kingdom Hearts HD Remix. But also interested in Streaming the Reignited Trilogy to relive spyro nostalgia. Monster Hunter Generations will probably pop up from time to time as well
Hey guys, MGZozi here.

Started about 3 months ago and been aiming for affiliate. Almost there now. I used to stream in french but now am
more streaming in english because of the bigger viewership.

Do you guys think making videos on other channels (youtube for example) is important?

Thanks for support
Hey everyone!
New here!
I've been a Fortnite streamer for about 6 months now and my channel has rapidly grown!
I am a very outgoing, energetic and LOUD streamer (loud as in I have a TON of fun)

I may not be the best, but I can guarantee my materiel will make you laugh a little ;)

I am currently a Twitch Affiliate grinding my way to PARTNER!

So heck, if you want stop on in lets have some laughs and join our Discord server!

[ Edited 5 days ago ]
Hey guys, names jake stream name is Jakobe2233, I stream mainly FPS games but I own a ton and stream all of them, I love gaming with friends and followers.
Im still new to this really But I stream almost every day, im grinding to affiliate!
I would really appreciate if you stopped by and hung out.
Yo! My stream name is drowningnemo and I'm from Malaysia. I usually stream League of Legends. Come and check me out! If you like me make sure to hit that FOLLOW button and get notification everytime I live! :D
my stream is, come check me out, love to have some cool people to chat with and watch my channel, thanks
Variety streamer/entertainer. 20 years old and not actually a dad. Started streaming about 2 weeks ago so come check me out and follow me if you like, all follows are much appreciated. Us small channels gotta stick together (;

[ Edited 4 days ago ]
Streaming many types of nintendo switch games. Check out my channel
Hi! I'm Clarise, 18 (F), just started streaming but I usually stream hours a day. I play Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, COD 4, and Fortnite. I am in need of viewers or even collabs to do to expand my views/subs! If anyone is interested in playing together LMK!!
Hey I'm Sebastian i do this streaming to help my family out if possible im not all about the money im here to grow a chanel and share what i have been through and fun with my fans thank you so much. Here is my channel
Hi all,

New to streaming so hoping to build my channel. Would appreciate any help with this! Currently playing Fortnite but am looking to expand!
Hey :D Tony 22(M) just got back to streaming had to take a break due to family problems but all sorted, i streamed 6~ days a week 3pm-7~ pst. normally Paladins/Overwatch/League/Fortnite :D
Hope everyone is having a great day!

Let's help each other out.
EU Streamer here ------->
7-10PM UK TIme, every day, come and say scraaaaaaaabaaaadaaa for a discount on MCDonalds :)
Hi everyone! Drop a follow, let me know your from TwitchStrike and I will follow back and show your stream love! Can’t wait to chat! Streaming tonight at 9pm EST!
Hey, I have been streaming for about a month now doing video editing/sprite animation and more in the creative section. I try to make it fun by having other stuff like writing prompts to do while I work, come hang if you are just interested in watching. I stream about 5 days out of 7 either in the afternoon or evening (eastern time). Follow and I'll follow back, Peace.

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