What is twitch strike?

The main two questions asked about Twitch Streaming is "How do I get viewers" and "When is the best time to stream".

There are two reasons why people watch a stream. It's either your skill as a player or your personality (or maybe both). So this is something we can't help you with, but we can help with the when and what to stream.

People ask "when is the best time to stream on twitch" like there is a magical golden hour, but sadly there isn't. This is because you are streaming to such a diverse selection of people.

One game might do we on a Friday at 6 pm, while others are better on Sunday at 11 pm. You have to remember each game has a different user following. Kids might watch Minecraft while more adults might watch Cities Skylines. Children, teens and adults all finish school, college and work at different times so the views for each game will change depending on the demographic. With Twitch Strike we can show you heat map's for each game so you can make a decision when its the best time to stream.

How does it work?

The first thing we need to talk about is channels, viewers and ratio.

  • Channels (Supply) is a number of people who are broadcasting a game.
  • Viewers (Demand) is the number of people watching.
  • The ratio is the average amount of views per channel.

Once an hour we record data from Twitch so we know how many channels are broadcasting a game and how many people are watching those broadcasts. From there we can generate a heat map showing channels, viewers and ratio.

What to stream on twitch?

So you would guess the best game to stream is the most popular as it has the most viewers? Well No. If a game, let's say "Overwatch" is being broadcasted by 100 channels and across those channels 8,000 are watching. This means on average that's 80 viewers per channel. Now let's take another game like "Heathstone" that has only 10 channels broadcasting and 4,000 viewers. This is an average of 400 viewers per channel.

So as you can see the game with higher views was also the game that was oversaturated with channels broadcasting. While the second game with half the viewers meant there were more viewers per channel.

When to stream on twitch?

As the demographic for each game is different so it's the time when people tune in to watch. So every game is different. This is why we generate a heat map for every single game so you can view for yourself the hot spots.

The golden time is when the viewers (demand) are high and channels broadcasting (supply) is low. So the best time is when the ratio is at its highest. (supply/demand=ratio)

Are we always correct?

No, when a channel with a massive following plays a game (especially a less popular game) it can spike the stats. So over time, the website will collect more information to help factor out the spikes and give you more of an average.

Also if a game has 10,000 views it doesn't mean that's 10,000 people up for grabs. Half of those views could belong to one single channel, and those viewers are loyal, so they will watch whatever is being played.

The website, however, will help you get some views from the people who are jumping between channels looking for a good streamer to be playing a game they enjoy.

What's next?

The next update for the site will allow you to log in and supply a list of all the games you own. This means if you are about to broadcast can you don't know what to play you can view what games out of your collection currently have a high ratio of channel vs viewers.